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Royall MUSKE - 4 oz Bottle

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Musk grains are secreted in the Asian male musk deer, a solitary shy animal. But its natural scent is highly attractive to the female deer.

The characteristic scent of musk blended with other harmonious aromatics, produces an intriguing personal statement.

A rarity in the orient, it is said to possess highly prized aphrodisiac qualities. A discreetly sensual, memorable after shave or body cologne. Wear responsibly & with caution as this one makes attractive females SWOON - you have been warned !

Fragrance Notes - Musk Tropical Heart, Lavender, Sage, Living Bombay Gin, Geranium Leaves, Fig wood, Jacaranda, Cedarwood, Oakmoss

4 oz in a beautiful presentation fancy glass bottle & box.
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