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NM specimen. American Indian wearing a magnificent war bonnet.

Betty Dials was truly the "Queen of Blades" and a tremendous advocate of bringing RBW collecting to the US. She has been an honored guests & great speaker at RBW events all over the US for decades. Betty & her husband owned a well regarded antique business in Alabama for many years. Over the years, they accumulated tens of thousands of collectible vintage blades.

On retirement, they sold the brick'n'mortars antique store but kept their blade hoard to sell off during their golden years.

Let me tell you, Mrs Dials knew her blades. What was rare & what was not and what they were worth. She was one tough cookie when it came to negotiating.

She only got tougher when negotiating with me to buy this gorgeous blade. She knew how rare a specimen it was & if I wanted it I had to pay her price for it. I wanted it & she got her price :)

Old style 3 round hole blade indicates 1930s

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