Simpsons DUKE #1 in Best or PureZoom

Simpsons DUKE #1 in Best or Pure

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One of the best sellers in Simpsons incredible line-up. A perennial favorite, THE DUKE is available in 3 sizes and 2 hair grades (Best or Pure).

The handle is hand-turned on a lathe, then smoothed and polished by hand. The knot is very densely packed by hand.

Please use the Pull-Down to select your Duke size and loft. Note: only one D2 left in stock

D1 Ht: 85 mm Loft: 45 mm Base: 40 mm Knot: 21 mm

D2 Ht: 90 mm Loft: 48 mm Base: 42 mm Knot: 22 mm

Dimensions approximate.

Hand-Crafted on the Isle of Man, England.
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