Simpson FIFTY Series - Best Badger

Simpson FIFTY Series  -  Best Badger
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Product Description

The most unknown of the Simpsons. The Fifties are tall, elegant, heavy handled with a packed knot in BEST Badger.

The beautiful and very traditionally British handle has a middle ridge for a sure, comfortable grip.

The faux ivory handle is hand-turned on a lathe and then smoothed and polished by hand.

The Loft is filled with Best Badger hair.

55B Ht: 87 mm Loft: 41 mm Base: 46 mm Knot: 18 mm

59B Ht:112 mm Loft: 51 mm Base: 61 mm Knot: 25 mm

Dimensions approximate.

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Hand-Crafted on the Isle of Man, England.