Simpsons COMMODOREs - Best Badger Shaving Brush

Simpsons COMMODOREs - Best Badger Shaving Brush
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Product Description

Simpsons most popular inexpensive shaving brush in North America,

The Commodore, is an excellent, densely filled brush for shaving soaps.

A timeless classic, hand-turned on a lathe and then smoothed and polished by hand.

The knot is very densely packed by hand with Simpsons outstanding "Best" grade of badger hair.

X1 Ht: 90 mm Loft: 46 mm Base: 44 Knot: 20 mm

X2 Ht: 95 mm Loft: 48 mm Base: 47 Knot: 22 mm

X3 Ht:100 mm Loft: 50 mm Base: 50 Knot: 24 mm

Dimensions approximate.

Use the Pull-Down Menu to select. SORRY, OUT OF X3

Hand-Crafted on the Isle of Man, England.