SMILE BRITE V-WAVE - Natural Boar Bristle ToothBrush - ExtraSoft Bristles

SMILE BRITE  V-WAVE - Natural Boar Bristle ToothBrush - ExtraSoft Bristles
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Product Description

Like the Fuchs, Smile Brite Bristle brushes are harvested from a special breed of boar raised solely for its bristles. The bristles are carefully harvested using a process similar to the methods employed in shearing sheep. The boar are extremely well cared-for; their bristles are harvested repeatedly during their long lifetimes.

Smile Brite bristles are natural in color, in contrast to others who use chemical dyes to achieve a variety of colored bristles. Smile Brite believes in reducing the chemical load in the mouth area where it is most easily absorbed into the body so you will not find any of our heads with synthetic dyes.

Dentists advise that it is better to use softer bristles wherever possible. Smile Brite provides you the ultimate choice by providing an Extra Soft bristle in addition to the normal soft and medium choices.

Smile Brite bristle brushes generally run one level softer than the comparable toothbrush in nylon. Thus, a soft natural brush is equivalent to an extra soft nylon one, a hard natural brush is equivalent to a medium nylon brush and so on. Natural bristle brushes are especially useful for people who require soft-bristledbrushes to avoid damaging tooth enamel or sensitive gums.

Smile Brite V-WAVE brushes have ripple "V" bristle fields. These uniquely shaped bristles help prevent plaque formation, as they can more effectively get in between the teeth. The V-WAVE Toothbrush also features an ergonomic handle, providing maximum agility in reaching even the furthest corners of the mouth.

These brushes will last about 2 months before they need replaced. They are a great introduction to the oral benefits of boar bristles. Colors: Blue/White or Lime Green/White. Put color choice in Comments section.

Brush is 7 1/2" long from head to toe.

Made in Germany.