SPEICK Mens Active Organic Deodorant Stick - 3 Thumbs Up !!!

SPEICK Mens Active Organic Deodorant Stick - 3 Thumbs Up !!!
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Product Description

Natural deodorant protection for men with effective organic ingredients. Extract of Speick, Organic Sage and other specially selected plant ingredients provide long lasting protection and nourishment.

No colorings, no preservatives, no aluminum salts and no mineral oil based ingredients.

Natural deodorizing doesn't get any better than this !! With this potent, Speick-alicious product, a little goes a long way and provides very effective coverage.

This product gets a Jeeve's Three Thumbs Up. If you try a stick, you will be back for more. This is one of the best selling, customer loyal products we offer which is the true testament to this product. I use it myself & have never used a better smelling deodorant or a more effective deodorant in my 60+ years of sweating at the Pits.

1.3 oz

Made at Walter Rau SpeickWerke in Germany.