Swedish Dream SEA WEED Soap

Swedish Dream SEA WEED Soap
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Another lovely Swedish soap, where if you noticed they are squeaky clean and their skin is real nice.

This superb, skin friendly, skin healthy soap is made using Fresh from the sea ingredients. Created from active marine algae thatís been extracted from select seaweed, Swedish Dream Seaweed Soap functions as a protective moisturizer and nutrient for your body. It vitamizes & replenishs vital minerals to renew & refresh your skin. After each rinse, enjoy fresh skin thatís been naturally cleansed of impurities.

How do you think the Swedish National Bikini Team got such nice skin? You have to admit, they do look very very healthy.

Big 4.5 oz round.

Made in USA (Hurray) using an old Swedish formula. I'm so happy to be able to find a product made here by Americans even if it's just a bath soap.

BTW - I've been using this & loving it. Produces clouds of luxurious lather & leaves the skin feeling really good.

Use in conjunction with the Swedish Sea Salt soap for a powerful daily skin care regimen.