Swedish Dream - Sea-Salt Shaving (and Bathing) Soap or Bathing (and Shaving) Soap ?

Swedish Dream - Sea-Salt Shaving (and Bathing) Soap or Bathing (and Shaving) Soap ?
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Product Description

Another lovely soap from Sweden, where if you noticed they are squeaky clean.

This skin friendly, skin healthy soap is made using Sea Salts. It works up a creamy lather that leaves your skin feeling smooth & satiny. Shaves like a dream, a swedish dream.

If you are a Shower Shaver this soap is all you need. Now only can you shave with it, you can bathe with it also.

How do you think the Swedish National Bikini Team got such nice skin? You have to admit, they do look very very healthy.

Big 4.5 oz round in one of the coolest boxes you'll ever have in your den. If fact, if you chuck this box in the trash instead of keeping it around as a small item cache, you're probably certifiably crazy or just really dumb.

Made in USA, Hurray!!!using an old Swedish formula & Swedish sea-salts. I'm so happy to be able to find a product made here by Americans.

BTW - I've been using this & loving it. Produces clouds of luxurious lather & leaves the skin feeling really good.

If you were a fan of the late, lamented (stupidly discontinued imo) Swedish Summer Soap, you'll kick yourself if you don't snag this soap.

Some are reporting that the lather is not long-lived. I get good lather with it, scaling back the water in the mix. But if the lather is problematic for you, its still a dang skin loving, bath soap that you will enjoy immensely.

Shaving & Bath soap or Bath & Shaving soap? You'll have to be the judge !