Little could actor Leo Kern, portraying the illustrious barrister Rumpole in the classic BBC series, Rumpole of The Old Bailey, have known that when he first looked askance at his wife and mumbled his plaintive cry, "SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED", that he had created an acronymical phrase for the ages.

A phrase which for good reason has caught on in the modern resurgence of gentlemen's shave culture.

Long time customers have always known that we argue strenously and continuously, if not always effectively, that you include an item or two for your SWMBO when you purchase shave kit for yourself.

Our prime line being that small gifts of fancy soaps and what not, will turn your SWMBO into a shave product enabler as she comes to look forward to a goodie box hitting your front door from the ShoeBox ShaveShop.

Of course, as a last desperate and weaselly attempt to preclude spending a little on her now to reap great benefits later, your last resort is always: "But, Jeeves, I don't what to buy her".

Not to worry friends, in this section we are listing killer products that are guaranteed to delight and please even the most finicky lady.

You don't even have to think about it, just click "Add to Cart" and when your goodie box arrives you'll be a big hero and maybe, if you are real lucky, the happy recipient of a happy ending....