Taylor Of Old Bond Street - GrapeFruit Shaving Cream

Taylor Of Old Bond Street - GrapeFruit Shaving Cream
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Product Description

GrapeFruit is one of the world's great ingredients for any Men's product. It took them almost 159 years but good old Taylors of Old Bond Street finally came out with a shave cream featuring Grapefruit.

A Jeeves Fave and sure to be a best seller. The aroma is a deep & heady GrapeFruit. Perfect for morning shavers !

150 gram/ 5.3 oz tub

Note: other vendors seem not to have noticed that TOBS charges more for this cream than others. We've held the price to our standard TOBS price. The ones who are selling for less than us are lucky to be breaking even after trans-atlantic shipping charges are factored in. So if you want to buy elsewhere go ahead & pound their bottom line to shreds, I don't mind when competitors sell a ton of something & have to scratch their heads at year end wondering why they sold alot but profitted nothing....

Made in England.