TACONIC - Solid Colognes - These are Fantasic - Four Masculine Fragrances - Intro Priced 20% OFF !!!!

TACONIC - Solid Colognes - These are Fantasic - Four Masculine Fragrances - Intro Priced 20% OFF !!!!
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Fantastic new Solid, Roll-On or Daub, Colognes from TACONIC. Made in the USA !!!

Solid colognes give a long-lasting, refined scent. You apply them directly to the skin. They also last longer than liquid colognes which evaporate rapidly while solid blends stay on the skin and allow the fragrance to evolve throughout the day while uniquely interacting with your own body temperature and chemistry.

Solid colognes aren't exactly new some cite the Egyptians as the first to wear a crude, solid scent. They are experiencing a renaissance as an excellent alternative to Liquid cologne.

Taconic's solid colognes are concentrated and will react with your own body chemistry to create a unique scent.

Hand crafted in small batches with all natural & organic ingredients, this cologne is long lasting, portable and easy to apply.

Made in the USA with "farm to skin" pure moisturizing ingredients.

Created with Blends of Natural Essential Oils & Premium Fragrance Oils. Wax Based. Concentrated. Portable

Travels easily TSA friendly Keep one around anywhere you need a quick scent refresh--Fits in your pocket, gym bag or desk drawer

To apply, rub cologne sparingly onto pulse points, such as neck, wrists, and behind the ears.

Ingredients: beeswax, fragrance, coconut oil, mango seed butter,& safflower seed oil. Certified organic"

Use Pull-Down Menu to select Fragrance. SORRY, TEMPORARILY OUT OF "Urban Woods"

BAY RUM: bay laurel simmered in warm spiced rum, with a sweet citrus undertone. Fragrance Notes: Bay. Spiced Rum. Sweet Citrus

URBAN WOODS: Classic manly scent with notes of warming tobacco blossom wrapped with bergamot, finished with undertones of vanilla and cedar wood. Fragrance Notes: Cedar. Tobacco. Bergamot

EXCALIBUR: Notes of musk and woods, masculine, sexy & adventurous. Classically fresh and clean with a touch of sweetness. Fragrance Notes: Musky. Sexy. Clean

HUNTER: A unique blend of citrus, fresh mint & earthy sage melded with undertones of musk and wood. Refreshing masculine scent. Fragrance Notes: Mint. Citrus. Musk

.5 oz./14g