This is the WHACK - RazoRock Aftershave WAX

This is the WHACK - RazoRock  Aftershave WAX
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Well, there he goes again ! Leave it to ol'Joe up in the Great White North to come up with another block-buster, super effective & totally innovative, shave product.

This time it's after shave WAX. This is the Whack, your skin is going to love it. Once again, RazoRock has rocked the shaving world.

100% Natural and Handmade, specially formulated using only the finest natural and organic raw ingredients.

Designed with the intention of making the perfect aftershave, that danged ol'Joe might just have pulled it off !!! You be the judge but I guarantee you this is one incredible aftershave.

Toronto Joe, the Mathematician of AfterShaving, juggled and balanced the various functional factors which go into great aftershaves.

Great aftershaves perform many different polarizing functions, all at the same time. We want them to restore moisture, to be an antiseptic, to heal and soothe, to tone the skin and to smell wonderful and perform all these diverse duties in perfect balance and harmony without one function dominating the equation.

How many times have you used an aftershave that smelled wonderful but was overly drying? Provided moisture but left your skin oily and greasy? Toned your skin but left it feeling overly tight and inelastic? Achieving the balance is no easy task and to raise the stakes even higher ol'Joe wanted the product to be hand made with only the highest quality organic raw ingredients.

With RazoRock 100% Natural Aftershave Wax, I believe he found that elusive functional balance. The AfterShave equation has now been solved.

Hand made in Canada (because they don't have machines up there) using only 100% organic and natural raw ingredients. It is made using the cold-process method which means 95% of the 'goodness' in the ingredients has been maintained; after only a few applications, you will understand what we are talking about!

How to use RazoRock 100% Natural Aftershave Wax...

Simply dab some cream on your finger and gently massage into your freshly shaved face; a little goes a long way.

Ingredients: Orange Blossom Water, Grain Alcohol, Emulsifying Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential Oils of Lavender, of Coriander, of Juniper, of Sandalwood, of Tangerine, of Patchouli, of Fir Needle and of Lemon.

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60 ml (approx 2 oz) in a snazzy tin can.