TIMOR - from Giesen & Forsthof - Superb SOLINGEN Steel - 10 pk

TIMOR - from Giesen & Forsthof - Superb SOLINGEN Steel - 10 pk
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Product Description

Giesen & Forsthoff is a old name in Solingen steel.

Known primarily for their quality straight razors, they have also had a long association with Timor.

These blades have been made since the 1920s. I'm not sure how or when they acquired the rights to the great old Apollo graphics but they have. As a vintage blade collector, Jeeves, is very excited to find the Apollo graphics resuscitated.

The current TIMORs are best quality Solingen stainless steel, machine honed to a Carpathian fang sharpness, teflon coated edge to deliver high-performance, durability and a smooth shave.

The plastic dispenser doubles as a blade bank for safe convienent storage and disposal.

10 blades per pack.

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1 x 10pk = $4.99, 5 x 10pk = $22.45, 10 x 10pk = $42.42

Made in Solingen, Germany.