TWENTY GRAND "5 blades, 10 cents"

TWENTY GRAND  "5 blades, 10 cents"
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Product Description

TWENTY GRAND Double Edge NM/XF specimen.

Twenty Grand was a popular & winning race horse back in the 1920s so an enterprising fellow in podunky Spencer Indiana decided to capitalize on the thorough-bred's name recognition & started the TWENTY GRAND Co.

Twenty Grand was mainly found in boondock towns. The distribution company TWENTY GRAND was located in the boondock town of Spencer Indiana (home of John cougar Mellencamp). The 20G sales force drove the midwest selling blades & many other "sundry" goods to mom'n'pop operations. They sold tons of blades so they are fairly common in the collectors market place.

Given the pricing, probably dates from the 1930s

Distributed by Twenty Grand Blade Co Spencer IN