Vintage Barberiana BOTTLES

Vintage Barberiana BOTTLES
Hardly any item of Barberiana classes up your Shave Den & gives it Ambience like a decant or two of your favorite aftershaves or colognes into vintage glassware.

It is really really hard to find vintage glass with the original cap or stopper as they typically got lost over the intervening years. But, Hey, cork the sucker & you're good.

Vintage bottles are often dug up out of dirt & often times need cleaned up a bit to restore them to their former glory. If you want to clean up an old bottle, let it soak in hot water sudsed up a gentle detergent like "Dawn". After a good soap, empty bottle, squirt another drop or two of Dawn & use a small spiral brush to clean the inside up real good. Rinse well & let air dry then spritz up with a little Windex or Glass Shine & you've got yourself something old & something very nice.

DO NOT Put any VINTAGE GLASS ware in an modern Dishwasher - manual labor only for preservation, Puh-lease !!!
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