Vintage Barberiana Related TRADE CARDS

Vintage Barberiana Related TRADE CARDS
Welcome & enjoy browsing our selection of vintage barbering, shaving & bathing Trade Cards.

Back in the day Trade Cards were a very popular form of advertising. Since they are paper ephemera very few survived.

Placed in a small picture frame, these vintage beauties are add a fine touch of sophistication to any Shave Den.

As they are generally pretty old & very collectible, many savvy Gourmet Shavers view them as a little restructuring of their paper money (backed by the full faith & credit of the USG, lol) since they can be enjoyed for years, passed on as family heirlooms or sold for a profit.

The artwork on many of these vintage trade cards is just plain incredible.

Browse away & if anything catchs your fancy, snag it since some of them are very very scarce & hard to find & acquire